Ploon's Aircooled VW Site
Ploon's weblog : May 2004
 31 May 2004: Pinstriped the Radio Flyer
I had my paints out to touch up some paint on the radio flyer (that's what you get for hauling part around), so i decided to add some pinstriping to to it

 30 May 2004: More VWoodstock artwork
Finished one of the dropgates, one more to go (takes a bit longer then i first figured it would)

 29 May 2004: VWoodstock preparations
I'm preparing the van for VWoodstock (a vw event in the UK). The new front logo is already finished. now i'm working on some groovy dropgates

 25 May 2004: Schwimmin with Bob
Had a great time at the Super VW Nationals in France this weekend. Bob brought his schwimmwagen out to play, and boy did we have some fun (nearly sank it by the way :-) check out for the full story, pics and video clips

 25 May 2004: DAS Drag Days Dashplaques
The DAS dashplaques have arrived. Freshly produced by the company I work for (EDZ).

 25 May 2004: Finaly got my phone + photolog working
It's taken a few days before i had the right settings for my new mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson T630) sorted out, but I've got the email option working. So now I can upload pictures straight from my phone to my phonelog

 17 May 2004: KCN meeting Den Haag
Had a great time at the KCN meeting in Den Haag yesterday. Excelent weather, lots of nice cars and people. The local dealer was very cool about it, they cleared their showroom so it could be filled with aircooleds. Some pics :

 11 May 2004: A new look and some more functions!
I've been playing around with the new options offered by and i
must say that they are pretty cool. I especially like the mail to blog
option. now all i need is a mobile phone which can send mails, but i'm
working on that (yep, i'm actually gona buy a mobile!!)

 04 May 2004: Roadtrip to Hannover
Check out the pics from my roadtrip to the Mai Kafertreffen (swapmeet) in Hannover. We made some stops along the way and saw some extra cool cars. Pics:

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