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Ploon's weblog : April 2005
 30 April 2005: Pinstriped jerrycan and BMXclick to enlarge
Found some more stuff to pinstripe in the back of the van. A jerrycan that fits inside my sparewheel and some details on my BMX bike.

 28 April 2005: multi colored panel
after i finished pinstriping them clogs last night (see below), i got all my new tins of paint open so i could add a bit of color to the tops of the tins (makes it so much easier to tell them apart).
whilst i had them open, i figured i'd used the bit of paint that was already on my brush, so i started doodling on a panel. in the end i like the design, but not the color combo.

 27 April 2005: Pinstriped clogs!
last night, whilst looking in the attick and shed for something i could use as a paintbox, if found an old pair of clogs. gave them a quick black coat with a spraycan, so i can add some pinstriping to them.

i just finished clog number 1. not bad considering it's all done freehand.
now the big question is, do i do the other one so it matches this one or something totally different ??

 24 April 2005: Pinstriped cooler lidclick to enlarge
My first pinstripe project with 1-shot paint, the lid of my new vintage cooler.

 22 April 2005: Bought some one-shotclick to enlarge
Cruised over to Lucjy Lenn's in Rotterdam to buy some One-Shot paint for my pinstriping. Nice people and some cool stuff they've got over there (hot rod, tiki, mooneyes, pinstripe, lowrider bikes).

 18 April 2005: VW Euro Spring Swapmeetclick to enlarge
Check out the pictures from the vw euro spring swapmeet:

My finds of the day: a vintage cooler and speaker + housing

 18 April 2005: New digital camera
I've just bought a new camera, a Sony DSC-V3

 10 April 2005: Serre Chevalier 2005
I've just got back from a snowboard trip to the slopes in Serre Chevalier (Fr). The first half of the week was very sunny, the rest of the week was full of snow! 30cm of powder!!!

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