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Ploon's weblog : April 2006
 24 April 2006: BowlingPin lampclick to enlarge
I bought a bowlingpin light the other week in Utrecht and i added the stripes last night. I used a dark blue and white for the pinstripes. When you switch the light on, the whole color contrast changes!

 17 April 2006: Geezer pinstripeclick to enlarge
Grandpa Simpson is a real geezer, so I used him as a base for a pinstripe panel

 17 April 2006: Geezerfest Utrecht
What a freakin-del-icous Easter weekend I've just spent in Utrecht with all of the geezers and geezerina's.
Just to bad Andy's engine blew on the way back home :-(
some pics :

 10 April 2006: Elvikiclick to enlarge
I saw this elvis/tiki design on a website and it was so cool i just had to try and copy it. So not my design, but the pinstriping around the edges is.

 09 April 2006: Pinstriped tilesclick to enlarge
Spend saturday at a BIG vintage car/bike show in germany (Techno Classica in Essen). Lot's of nice cars on display and parts to buy. Almost no pinstriped cars out there. Just a few really old cars with the very early stuf (just straight lines to accentuate the shape of the car). I did manage to buy some 1-shot from a guy selling beugelers.
metallic silver and dark blue. so naturally i had to use them today.

 06 April 2006: Finally another pinstriped panelclick to enlarge
it's been about 2 months since i last did some pinstriping, but last weekends volksworld show has really gotten me back into the striping mood

 06 April 2006: Steeringbox guardclick to enlarge
The DIY steeringbox guard worked well for a while, but it wasn't sturdy enough to withstand the impact of the road whilst going around a corner. it got bent sideways.
New from boatyardbusses is this stainless bit of kit. Rather easy to fit (altough i had to bend one of the brackets a bit) and it works rather good.

 06 April 2006: POP Swatchclick to enlarge
I've been a fan of the POP-range of Swatch watches for years now. You can just wear them with a wristband like any other watch, but you can also use a special clip to clip it onto a piece of clothing.
The only problem is that the cross-brases on these clips break after a few years and then the watch isn't held on as strongly as before. This happend again, so i started looking on the web for somebody who would sell me a new clip. I've found this great webstore that sells all kinds of clips and POP Swatches. Even from the older collections (they have new designs every year). So I ended up buying not only a new clip, but also another new watch :-)

 03 April 2006: VolksWorld Show
visited the volksworld show over in london (uk) this weekend. it's a big VW show with all kind of aircooled VWs on display and lot's of trade stands. one of them was of prosign. neil was asked to do some talks on the pinstriping (a quick intro for general public). they were expecting about 2 dozen of people to show up for each session, but the ones on saturday both drew more then a 100 people!! neil realised that the people at the back would be able to see anything so he got us crazy enough to use our brushes in front of a big crowd. i hadn't held a brush for nearly 2 months, so i was a bit rusty. still good fun though.
the pics:

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