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Ploon's weblog : August 2008
 08 August 2008: New fuel tank - part 2click to enlarge
Went over to BBT today do pick up the new fuel tank for the truck. I also bought a new sender unit (for a fuel gauge), a new tap + filter, a new fuel pump and some rubbers and gaskets. The total bill was a lot less then i was expecting!

During the week i had already cleaned up the floor of the fuel tank and cargo area. First some redoxide primer and then a coat of gray.

The new tank with the float installed

The new tap (with reserve setting)

The tank in it's new home

It required some fidling to get the filler neck positioned right

The engine with all new fuel pump, lines and filter

The bracket that holds the cable in place will need a bit of tweaking before i can connect the cable to the tap (the tap is slightly more offset then on an original tank)

Everything is hidden again

 08 August 2008: Sperrwolf key
Thanks to Bob at BBT whomanaged to find a blank Sperkolb key for my Sperrwolf shifter lock. I only had 1 key for it, so I'll feel a lot better once i've got a spare key cut for it

 05 August 2008: New fuel tankclick to enlarge
I'm pretty happy that it's so easyto get to the fuel tank in a pickup! Just unbolt the 2 sections of partiton wall in the locker area and you can get the tank out!
The tank and the tap where really very clogged up, i can't believe the truck has run so well on this. A new tank is on order from BBT'. In the mean time i've started to revamp the floor/metalwork. The red-oxide primer is already on (forgot to take a picture of that).
Check out the temporary tank (it's only used toget the truck in and out of the garage)

 04 August 2008: SplitbusNation2008
not a bad day for a first time vent.
just to bad that the weather wasn't at it's best
my pics :

took me a while to get there though. we came accross a section of belgian road that was REALLY bumpy. so a lot of rust particles in my fueltank decided it was time to go swimming, which blocked up the fuel filter and carb. took about 45 minutes on the hard shoulder to clean everything and we had to boost the 6V system with a 12V batery to get it running again. but i made it to the show and back home again. bob even stopped to tell me about the new fueltanks he's selling at BBT :D

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