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My 1960 pickup

chassis nr : 20-629880
engine size : 1184cc
original engine : 5023187
current engine : D059989X
engine type : 34 PS/HP
topspeed : 95 km/h
model : 261 (pickup)
color : L345 (light gray)
extra options : M156 (bigger oil-bath filter) As far as i can gather, this option was removed when the replacement 1200cc engine was installed
built on : 06-07-1960
left factory on : 07-07-1960
destined for : Stutgart
first registered on : 12-07-1960
first owner : Alfred Clauss
who lived in : Esslingen-Mettingen
original reg. Nr : ES - MD - 86
current reg. Nr : BE - 40 - 70

scans of old documentation that came with the pickup

May 1960 saw the introduction of the automatic choke and the 34 horse engine. The first 34 horse engine had engine number 5.000.000 and the pickup originally had engine number 5.023.187
The current engine is number D059989X. The X at the end defines this engine as an original VW exchange engine. The first year of 34 horse engines had a lot of troubles with over heating. The heads material tended to to expand when heated and the construction of the heads caused the valve settings to change. This obviously had horrendus effects on the engine and forced VW to redesign the heads.
My current engine was made in sept/oct 1961 and was rebuilt somewhere after '64. This is where the engine number gained the X and the D at the beginning (the D reffers to the fact that it's a 34 horse engine).

fun with photoshop

These days most info on anything pickup related can be found in my weblog

24-07-2004 Loweringjob complete!!
11-06-2003 BBT Bad Camberg bumper badge & horns
08-06-2003 Finished Signwriting
05-06-2003 Signwriting day 1
21-07-2002 LVWCN anniversary calender
21-07-2002 Calender photoshoot
20-05-2002 Surfboard rear view mirror
10-05-2002 finished canvas cover
30-07-2001 working on bows & tilts
03-02-2001 SSVC club magazine
05-06-2000 did 1400km this week


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