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My 1960 pickup

Had an appointment with the RDW (ministry of transport) today in order to get the pickup tested and imported (it had a german liscence). On monday Hans was working on the welding and brakes, but he cut his hand with an angle grinder (he's ok, just a small cut) so yesterday evening I went to hans' place. Somehow he had found somebody crazy enough to help him out that day, so we got back on track.

We put some 14 inch wheels on as my 15 inch rims still had diagonals on them and they had some cracks in them. drove to the RDW station and waited for the test. the first thing the official said was "what a nice van, you don't see those anymore". things where looking good! no real problems, we showed all the documentation (booklets, first 3 months of perol history and the low KMs). he was in pressed. the only problem he could find was a battry that was not tied down. when we said "whoops, we totally forgot the put the cover back on", he went "you've even got the original battery cover ?!? just make sure you put it on when you get home" !!! :-)

That was all ok. got my temporary paperwork. my new rego number is "BE-40-70" so next stop was the autoparts store to order some nice blue and white, vintage, plates. (the BE series is a special line of numbers for historic vehicles that are imported). last month new stricter regulations on numberplates sales started and all yellow & black (standard) plates have to be swapped (at the next MOT) for new, "corruption proof, european style", plates.
the problem is that nobody knows what to do with the blue plates (they stay like they used to be) and this temporary paperwork caused even a bigger problem. it took us an hour to get the propper blue plates ordered.

so now it's just a little more welding, some new seals on the reduction boxes and it's of to the paintshop !!!


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